Pa Sæt 12" Subwoofer + 2x 8" Satellit 1500W

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Peak power 3600W (2400W + 2x 600W)
Power max. 1800W (1200W + 2x 300W)
Power rms 900W (600W + 2x 150W)
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response 30Hz - 20kHz
SPL max 136dB
THD <0.03%
Speakers 2 Satellite speakers 10" (2" voice coil / 40 oz)
Subwoofer 18" (4" voice coil / 125 oz)
Horn 1.35" (34mm) Titanium Diaphragm
Power supply 220-240Vac/50Hz
Consumption 1000VA
Dimensions:Subwoofer 610 x 550 x 660mm
Dimensions:Per speaker 290 x 310 x 510mm
Weight per set 83.8kg
Weight: Subwoofer 58.0kg
Weight: Speaker 12.9kg (25.8kg set)
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Easy to transport active 1500W sound system suitable for mobile DJs, karaokeshows, drive-in shows and presentations. This professional set includes a 15 "subwoofer (4" voice coil) and two 8" satellite speakers (midrange 2 " voice coil and tweeter 1 " voice coil). The subwoofer covers a frequency range of 33Hz - 200Hz while the satellite speakers cope frequencies of 120Hz to 20kHz. This system is designed for "on the road" applications.

  • 3000W Peak power active sound system
  • Electronic crossover - high pass 120Hz
  • Stereo balanced XLR line inputs
  • Stereo balanced XLR line outputs (loop through)
  • High pass stereo balanced XLR line outputs
  • Volume controls (3), subwoofer and satellite speakers (2)
  • Phase reverse 180°
  • Clear and expressive sound
  • Lightweight with handles
  • NL2 output connectors
  • Fan cooling
  • Ground lift switch
  • For "on the road" applications

Additional Information

Peak power 3000W (2000W + 2x 500W)
Power max. 1500W (1000W + 2 x250W)
Power rms 750W (500W + 2x 125W)
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response 33Hz - 20kHz
SPL max 135dB
THD <0.03%
Speakers 2x Satellite speakers 8" (2" voice coil / 30 oz)
Subwoofer 15" (4" voice coil / 100 oz)
Horn 1" (25mm) Titanium Diaphragm
Power supply 220-240Vac/50Hz
Consumption 900VA
Dimensions:Subwoofer 550 x 470 x 560mm
Dimensions:Per speaker 240 x 270 x 455mm
Weight per set 62kg
Weight: Subwoofer 42kg
Weight: Speaker 10kg (20kg set)